Created on August 3, 2023

Say hello to the Jager Bomb! It's more than just a cocktail; it's a high-energy phenomenon that's lit up bars worldwide. This drink is a fiery fusion of Jägermeister and Red Bull, home to many parties as a great bundle of fun and energy. Let's get started!

Jäger bomb cocktail splashing out of tall glass on cocktail bar


  • 1 ½ Ounces Jägermeister
  • 4 Ounces Red Bull (Half a can)


  1. Pour the Jägermeister into a shot glass.
  2. Pour the Red Bull into a tall glass.
  3. Carefully drop the Jägermeister shot into the Red Bull.
  4. Enjoy immediately!

Recipe Tips

  • This shot is a lot of fun at any party. To help the shot go down easier, it's best to chill the Jägermeister before making these drinks.

  • Make sure you use a glass tall enough so that the Red Bull doesn't spill out when you drop the shot in.

  • Be careful when dropping the shot into the Red Bull. Try to drop it from just above the level of the Red Bull.

  • Drink this immediately after dropping the shot into the Red Bull.

What's In A Jäger Bomb?

The Jager Bomb is a lively cocktail made of Jägermeister and Red Bull. The Jägermeister, a complex herbal liquor, brings depth, while the Red Bull adds sweetness and fizz.


The Jager Bomb is relatively recent, popping up during the 1990s in America's club scene. It doesn't have a clear origin story but rose quickly in popularity among young adults. Today, it's a staple in nightlife globally, particularly at college parties for a caffeine boost.

Similar Drinks

The Jäger Bomb is the most popular "Bomb" cocktail, and it really kicked off a whole category of other bomb cocktails. Some of the more popular bomb cocktails are the Vegas Bomb, the Flaming Dr. Pepper, the Cherry Bomb, and the Submarino.


What Does A Jäger Bomb Taste Like?

The Jager Bomb is a contrast of flavors - herbal, bitter notes of Jägermeister harmonize with Red Bull's sweet, fruity tang. Jägermeister's 56 botanicals provide a rich, complex base, while Red Bull adds a refreshing fizz and sweetness. This blend gives the Jager Bomb its unique, vibrant taste.