Created on July 28, 2023

Get ready to turn up the heat with the Flaming Dr. Pepper Shot! This fiery cocktail not only offers a thrilling spectacle but also an unforgettable taste. Its name hints at a popular soda, but there's no Dr. Pepper in the ingredients! How it tastes like it though, that's the magic!

Red-yellow flaming Dr. Pepper shot in a bar


  • 8 Ounces Beer
  • 1 Ounce Amaretto
  • ¼ Ounce Overproof Rum


  1. Fill a tall glass halfway with beer.
  2. Pour the Amaretto into a shot glass.
  3. Layer or gently pour the overproof rum on top of the Amaretto.
  4. Light the rum on fire!
  5. Carefully drop the shot glass into the beer glass.
  6. Enjoy immediately!

Tips For Making A Flaming Dr. Pepper Shot

  • You need the overproof rum to be floating on top of the Amaretto so the shot can be lit.

  • The high alcohol content of the overproof rum is crucial for lighting the shot. This won't work with regular 80-proof rum.

  • Be careful when dealing with the flame. Drop the shot into the beer glass from just above the glass - not from a great distance!

Flaming Dr. Pepper Shot Ingredients

This cocktail is a blend of three ingredients:

  • Amaretto: brings a sweet, almond-like flavor, best achieved with a premium brand

  • Overproof rum: brings the heat, both literally and figuratively, and should be a high-proof type.

  • Beer: adds depth and contrast to the sweetness.

Best Amaretto For A Flaming Dr. Pepper Shot

For an optimal Flaming Dr. Pepper Shot, consider using Disaronno Originale. This Italian amaretto is known for its rich, sweet flavor with hints of almond and apricot. It contributes to the cocktail's unique Dr. Pepper-like taste.

Best Rum For A Flaming Dr. Pepper Shot

Bacardi 151 is a great option for the Flaming Dr. Pepper Shot. Its high alcohol content allows it to catch fire, adding the "flaming" aspect to your shot, and it has a strong, robust flavor that stands out against the other ingredients.

Sadly, Bacardi 151 is discontinued, so is quite difficult to get your hands on. The next best option is Stroh 80, an Austrian rum with a similar alcohol content.

Flaming Dr. Pepper Shot History

The Flaming Dr. Pepper Shot emerged in the college party scene of the US in the 1980s. Its flaming spectacle and uncanny resemblance in taste to Dr. Pepper soda made it a hit.

Although the exact creator remains a mystery, its popularity continues today in bars and parties alike, especially as a celebratory drink or a dare.


What Does A Flaming Dr. Pepper Shot Taste Like?

The Flaming Dr. Pepper Shot is a burst of unique flavors. The nutty sweetness of the Amaretto, the strength of the rum, and the bitterness of the beer somehow combine to create a taste surprisingly similar to Dr. Pepper!

Does The Flaming Dr. Pepper Shot Taste Like Dr. Pepper?

Surprisingly - yes! See the section above for more on how the bomb cocktail tastes.

Does a Flaming Dr. Pepper Shot contain Dr. Pepper?

No, it doesn't. The combination of Amaretto and beer somehow mimics the taste of Dr. Pepper, which is where the cocktail's name came from.