Last edited on July 29, 2023

The timeless Negroni cocktail - a perfect blend of London Dry Gin, Campari, and sweet vermouth. Experience the classic Italian taste with a delightful balance of bitter and sweet flavors in this iconic drink. I'm going to show you how to make the best traditional Negroni in this recipe.

classic negroni cocktail in tumbler with large ice cubes and an orange peel garnish, on a bar top


  • 1 Ounce Gin
  • 1 Ounce Sweet Vermouth
  • 1 Ounce Campari
  • 1 Orange Peel (garnish)


  1. Fill a mixing glass with ice.
  2. Put an ice sphere or large ice cube into a tumbler.
  3. Add the Gin, Sweet Vermouth, and Campari into the mixing glass.
  4. Stir for about 30 seconds, or until well-chilled.
  5. Strain the mix from the mixing glass into the tumbler.
  6. (Optional) Squeeze the orange peel over the tumbler, then gently drop it in the drink.
  7. Enjoy!


  • The flavors of your ingredients are really showcased here, so don't cheap out.

  • Squeezing the orange peel over the glass expresses its natural oils, adding some beautiful extra flavor.

  • Try swapping out the Gin for other liquors to make other, equally great cocktails. For example, swapping it out for some Whiskey creates a Boulevardier.

What's In A Negroni?

The Negroni is a simple, yet exquisite cocktail made of 3 ingredients:

  • Gin
  • Sweet Vermouth
  • Campari

It's important to choose high-quality ingredients, and to ensure that your Gin and Vermouth complement the Campari, instead of clashing with it.

Best Gin For A Negroni Cocktail

The best Gin for a Negroni is a London Dry Gin. This is because it is very juniper-forward, giving an herbal flavor to the drink. This complements the bitterness of the Campari quite well, as well as the sweetness of the Vermouth.

Best Vermouth For A Negroni Cocktail

The best vermouth for a Negroni is a high-quality, red sweet vermouth. Sweet vermouth complements the bitterness of Campari and balances the gin's botanicals, creating a harmonious and delicious cocktail. I personally found that Carpano Antica Formula works best. but it's very subjective, so if you can afford to, try out different ones and see which you find best.